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Advice: Beware of fraudsters!!

I often receive e-mails from several people and companies who are contacted by telephone or in person by unscrupulous sellers and have been told that their first-aid kit is expired. It is absolutely not true !!
Some of them even push the audacity up to ordering you to throw away your first-aid kit and threatens to send you CSST inspectors who will issue a fine if you do not buy a new kit immediately, at an exorbitant price !

Don't get in this game, they are fraudsters !
-The first-aid kit must me check pediodically.
-Their must be an adequate number of kit in the workplace accessible in less than 5 minutes.
-The kit must contain the required components.(What ever is specified sterile What means sterile ?, must be)
-The kit must be complete at anytime.
-The kit must not contain any medication.
-Any dressings, damaged, non-sterile or soiled must be discarded and replaced.
-The antiseptic swabs are the only items that have an expiration date and must be discarded and replaced when obsolete.
-Don't throw away your first-aid kit... kick that fraudster away
or hang up the phone!!!

To consult the CSST requirements and rules, concerning first-aid rules in the workplace
please click here: CSST rules and requirements

Important facts to consider before buying a First-Aid kit

If you have been the victim of one of these fraudsters, I invite you to send us an Email
(Any information will stay confidential)
using that form.

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