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Frequently asked questions about First-Aid and First-Aid-kits.

Is there a law or regulation that requires me to have a first aid kit at home or in my car?
Although currently no laws or regulations are requiring it, but it would be very careful for anyone to have one. However: According to the Quebec civil security, every citizen must be foreknowing... "consequenses are nebulous and open to much speculation in the case of carelessness.
Regarding the workplace, CSST regulations stipulates that there must be an emergency kit available at all times in less than
5 minutes round trip of the incident, and containing all the required components.

In terms of the possibilities of disaster, is there a law or regulation that requires me to have a survival kit at home or in my car?
According to the civil security department, every citizen must be foreknowing, which means to insure adequately its property, to have a home emergency kit ready and provisions for three days. Anyone must also be careful to anything that could pose a threat.
The "3 days or 72 hours" represents the time that the organization of adequate relief may take at municipal or provincial level.
The citizen must take charge of its own during the first 72 hours, and must be prepare before a disaster occurs.
Reference: Canada Public Safety department
See also: 72 hours

Regarding first-aid courses, are they mandatory for all in Quebec?
No, it is not mandatory for all, but it is hoped that everyone have adequate knowledge in first aid, which would contribute greatly to reduce the severity of injuries and/or agravation of the state of the victim in case of incidents or faintness.
Note that the first-aid courses are increasingly becoming a condition of employment required by most employers.
The employer for his part, has the obligation to form a number of rescuer in the company as required by the CSST and even if there is only one worker to his job.

My employer has asked me to take care of the training of rescue workers in the enterprise, where do I start?
You could start by reading this , on which you will find all the links needed to cater for all your questions as:

* CSST regulations and standards:
* The minimum number of rescuer,
* Display posters
* List of accredited First-Aid school by region and more ...

I have to check my kit in the workplace, how do I know if it is complete and meets the standards?
You could print this PDF form that list all mandatory and optional items in compliance to "minimum standards of first aid and emergency care in Quebec" and "The law on health and safety at work" or visit this link which will bring you to the formal regulation regarding standards in Quebec.

Is it true that I have to change my first aid kit in the workplace every three years?
Not at all, the first aid kit should be subject to periodic review to ensure that it is complete, clean, in good condition and that it does not include obsolete or stained yellow by the time components . You must then discard anything that is not conform and replace it immediately.
Many people have been contacted by unscrupulous people and were told to throw their fisrt aid kits because it had exceeded three years of age. However in many cases the kits were still in good condition. I invite you to visit this page that tell you about the actions of these fraudsters or see the CSST web site about these

The first aid kit required in the child care place, is it the same as the one required in the workplace?
No, there are some differences with the kit in the child care place. In addition, the first aid kit in the child care place require : an oral thermometer, a rectal thermometer, cover sheaths for thermometers, eye bandages and alcohol swabs.
See the official standard here .

The first aid kit required in the province of Quebec, is it the same as the one required in the other provinces?
No, the requirements are different in each province. To see the regulation of each province click on this link. If you would like to have a price quote on a first-aid kit according to the regulations of your occupational province follow this link.

Do the dressings required in the first aid kit at the daycare place or workplace must be steriles?
Most dressings must be steriles, except for the triangular bandages.

How do I know that a dressing is sterile?
A dressing is considered to be sterile if these three conditions are met:

(1) It is clearly specified "STERILE" on the packaging by the manufacturer.
(2) The name of the manufacturer that ensures sterility is indicated.
(3) The packaging is not soiled, opened or damaged.
Note that all sterile dressing should be handled carefully so as not to defile it at the application on the wound.
The user should also throw away, if any, remaining sterile gauze that have been opened and unused.

More info here

Why pocket masks and gloves are they optional in the first aid kits?
Pocket Mask like gloves are items of personal protection, and it is the responsibility of each individual or each first-aider to protect himselve when working with a victim.
It is strongly recommended that the employer make them available for workers, but the fact remains that it is the duty of those who use them to ensure that they are not already soiled ... which is not obvious. It is therefore safer than each rescuer has its own personal protections.

Is a Pocket Mask single-use?
The Pocket Mask can usually be reused on the condition that it is properly cleaned, disinfected in a solution (as soaked in the cool water containing 5% to 10% bleach for 20 minutes). One-way valve needs to be discarded and replaced after a single use because it contains a bacterial filter that can't be replaced or cleaned.
Face shields with bacterial filter or one-way valve are for single use and should be discarded after use.

I saw on the web some pocket masks that looks like those generally sold on the market and which are specified "single-use", what is it about these masks?
There is an unscrupulous supplier which flooded the Quebec market with pocket mask manufactured in China and it describes it as single-use mask. These masks are made of such a poor quality so that the base of the mask blow up when we press it against the face of the victim, which makes the mask immediately useless since it can not be sealed properly in the face of the victim, and in so doing, makes breathing the victim inappropriate and impossible.
So they should have instead of specifying "single use", they should rather say ==> "May not be used for a full single use"

How often do I have to renew my first aid course?
Generally, the first aid courses must be renewed every three years. It varies from one location to another or from one medium to another. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec (HSFQ) recommends that the CPR course to be renewed every two years, especially since the advent of the "A-E-D" (Automatic external defibrillation). As it is not a technic that we have the opportunity to use very often, after a few years there are chances that we have forgotten differents things that could mean the difference between life and death. The First Aid and CPR standards are constantly changing, and it would be very appropriate to refresh and update regularly.

I would like to take a CPR course for my personal use, where do I call?
You can visit this page to choose the type of course you need and / or consult the list of instructors of the HSFQ in your area.

It is a long time ago that I want to follow a course in First Aid and CPR, but I can never find the time, is there a place or a way for me to find information on technics?
You can visit these links to view slideshows or an overview about the First Aid and CPR technics. Although they contain a lot of very relevant informations, they cannot in no way replace a trained First Aid and CPR course given by certified instructors.

I would like to check my theoretical knowledge in First Aid and CPR, is there a way that might help me to see where I am?
Yes, by following this link you will get to a quiz that talks about First Aid and CPR . You fill and submit the online form, and you will receive the results by e-mail within 48 hours.

What is the delivery delay if I order equipment or first-aid kits from Quebec-First-Aid?
Generally orders are shipped the same day or the next day via Canada Post Express and the delivery delay is less than 72 hours in the province of Quebec and 4 to 5 days in the rest of the Canada. See a few examples here
The cost of the postage fee varies between $8.00 and $18.00 depending on the amount of your purchases, the weight and volume of the package.

What are the facilities of payment accepted by Quebec-First-Aid?
* You can pay with any credit card via which is the most secure payment method on the WEB.
* You can also make a bank transfer from account to account (the information on the account will be Email to you upon request)
* You can send a check or money order before delivery (which increase the shipping delay to approximately 10 additional days.)
* Companies that already have an open account can pay at 10 days from invoice date.

if you need additional information, please send an email ,
contact us by phone, fax or ground mail.

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