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Content details of the "Family First Aid Kit" in a plastic box

Trousse de secours familiale
Dimensions:5.25"H x 12.5"L x 7"T (13.5cm x 32.0cm x 18cm)
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Bandage scissors 41/2 in stainless steel
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1Bandage scissors 41/2 in stainless steel
Sharp splinter forcep 41/2 in. stainless steel
Pince à écharde en acier inoxidable, pointue.
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1Sharp splinter forcep 41/2 in. in stainless steel
Angle steel forcep 31/2 in.
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1Angle splinter forceps 31/2 in.
Safety pins
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12Assorted safety pins
Plastic adhesive bandage for kids 1/2 x 2
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Round adhesive bandage 7/8
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Assorted adhesive bandage (plasters) Details
Pansements adhésifs (plasters) de grandeurs assorties Détails
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25Assorted adhesive bandages steriles
Sterile gauze pads 102mm x 102mm (4" x 4")
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10Sterile gauze pad 4 in x 4 in
Gauze roll 50mm x 3.7 M (2" x 4.1 Yds)
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2Non-sterile gauze roll 2 in.
Gauze roll 75mm x 3.7 M (3" x 4.1 Yds)
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2Non-sterile gauze roll 3 in.
Elastic bandage roll 2 po
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Elastic bandage roll 4 po
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Triangular bandage 40" x 40" x 56"
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2Triangular bandage 40 x 40 x 56
Sterile compress bandage 4" (10cm)
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2Sterile compress bandage 4 in. (10cm)
Adhesive tape 1/2 in. 3M hypoallergen
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1Adhesive tape 1/2 in. 3M -Hypoallergen-
Benzalkonium chloride swab pads
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12Benzalkonium antiseptic swab pads
Alcohol swab pads
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12Alcohol swab pads
Sting relief swab pads
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CoolJel 3.5g pouch for burn skin cooling
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First-aid cream for minor wounds and burns 25g
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Latex gloves (1 pair "medium" + 1 pair "large")vacuum sealed in a pack of 2.
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2 prVacuum sealed latex gloves
CPR face shield
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1CPR face shield
CPR pocket mask with case
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1CPR pocket mask with case
Emergency blanket
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2Aluminum survival blanket
Wax paper bag for vomitting
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1Emesis bag
Instant cold pack
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2Instant cold compress
First-aid pocket guide ENGLISH/FRENCH
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Oral dual scale thermometer
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1Thermomètre oral
Rectal dual scale thermometer
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1Thermomètre rectal
Disposable Thermometer sheaths
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The kit content list (BILINGUAL) 1The kit content list (BILINGUAL)

Trousse de secours familiale Trousse de secours familialePrice
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5.25"H x 12.5"L x 7"T
13.5cm x 32.0cm x 18cm
Family first-aid kit in a "mini-case" #3488
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