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Laerdal Heartstart on site simple as 1...2...3...Laerdal FR2 Model defibrillator

Fibrillating heartNormal heart
The defibrillation manoeuvres in case of cardio-respiratory arrest are now
taught in almost all First-aid and CPR course. In addition, the defibrillator manufacturers
have made them quite automatic and human error free.
These new instruments are now equipped with the most sophisticated, efficient and safe technology.

Anyone trained in CPR can now learn, within few hours,
operation of most automatic external defibrillators (AED).
There are also growing businesses, municipal places, arena, malls and
public buildings equipped with defibrillators because prices are now very affordable
and nobody doubts the effectiveness and relevance of them.


The chain of survival
Heart and stroke foundation (HSFC)

Laerdal Heartstart® Onsite defibrillator 

Here is the Philips "Heartstart® Onsite" defibrillator

The most easy and simple to use !

Starting at: 1533.00$(*) 

Accessories and consumables here

(*) (prices may change without prior notice)

Philips Heartstart® FRX defibrillator 

Here is the Laerdal "Heartstart® FRX"
build for more rugged environments too demanding like, construction site, arena, etc...
but always as simple to use!

Starting at: 1990.00$(*) 

Accessories and consumables here

(*) (prices may change without prior notice)

Philips Heartstart® FR2 defibrillator 

Here is the Laerdal "Heartstart® FR2"
Its patented SMART™ Biphasic waveform is the most patient-friendly technology available today.
Available with or without ECG,

Starting at: 2778.00$(*)

Accessories and consumables here

(*) (prices may change without prior notice)

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